Our Vision

We started CRM Landing with a vision to disrupt the way Salesforce implementation, consulting and development services were delivered to the companies. We believe in providing real value to a business with top-notch solutions on the Salesforce platform which gives a competitive edge to a business in the market.

We want to revolutionize the existing ecosystem where developers posses a robotic nature in providing a mere solution to the problem with no empathy for the end-user. We strive hard to bring that empathy and compassion back along with our personalized Salesforce solutions.

Our Mission

CRM Landing mission is to create and nurture a team of Salesforce experts which is recognized as a swiss knife in the rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem. We want CRM Landing to be identified as an innovative leader in the world of Salesforce by providing amazing cloud solutions to businesses which revolutionizes the way they do business and help them to stay ahead of their competition.

Our Culture

Being Responsive, Execution Excellence driven, and Quality focused are the three key pillars of our Culture. They have helped us create Customer and Employee Delight.

We take pride in being an open, performance-driven organization that believes in empowerment, values outcomes, and provides recognition to teams and individuals who strive to go beyond their defined boundaries. We encourage innovation and do not let failures dampen our spirits. We take pride in having built a transparent organization, which helps build trust and Deliver Results.

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