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National Level Cycle Manufacturer

Our client achieves a comprehensive 360-degree management view through Dealer Onboarding, Beat Planning, and Order Management.


Cycle Manufacturing Industry

Product Used

Comprehensive 360 degree view by leveraging Sales & Service & Experience


Integrated Salesforce with SAP & Navision




The biggest and popular cycle manufacturer with sales of over 1000 crores.


The company executed its sales via the 40 members sales team, 6 regional offices, and 800 dealers spread across the country.


The company has acquired two foreign brands, making it 3 different Lines of Businesses [LoBs] operating under one roof.


There are over 100 SKUs with frequently changing prices and inventory levels across the country.

Challenges before CRM
Landing’s Solution:
Challenges before CRM Landing’s Solution:

With 3 different LoBs to be operated under one roof, myriad operational challenges emerged such as:

  • Managing different SKUs produced from different plants via the same distribution network of regional offices, sales team and dealers
  • Each LoB had a different ERP system (SAP & MS Navision)

Manual and Offline process causing delays in onboarding of new dealers, hassle in KYC and maintenance of multiple documents and inaccuracies.


Inefficient visit planning and field management of sales team due to lack of planning tool.


Cumbersome process of offline coordination with the dealers for Order Booking and with accounting team on dealers’ credit limits and exposure statuses.

Solutions Built [Mobile + Web based]

Solutions Built [Mobile + Web based]

Solutions Built

Integration of multiple ERP system with Salesforce

  1. SAP & Navision were integrated with Sales, Service and Experience Clouds.
  2. This enabled creation of Customer 360.
Solutions Built

Digital Onboarding of New

  1. Omnichannel Lead Creation for auto initiation of New Dealer Application.
  2. Mobile App based Geo Coordinates Tagging to ensure that another dealer mustn’t lie in the vicinity so as to maximize the ROI of the new dealership.
  3. Mobile App based digitally executed KYC & Shop Screenshots/ photo capturing ability to ensure that the prospect dealer fulfils the eligibility criteria.
  4. Online ROI Projection is done to check the feasibility of the applicant.
  5. Meticulous Online tracking of Dealer Onboarding process against a Checklist.
  6. Hierarchy bases approvals built from Area Sales Managers to National Sales Head.
  7. Online upload and validation check of advance amount, receipt copies etc.
  8. Integration with ERP systems [SAP & Microsoft Navision] to generate a new dealer code.
Solutions Built

Beat Planning, Execution and Expense Management

  1. Visit Planning - By creating multiple beat groups and matrix, a sales representative can plan his or her field visits to dealers, events and activities including the route plan for the month and submit for managers approval to freeze the plan.
  2. Manager’s Approval - Post the manager’s approval, the beat plan gets published.
  3. Visit Execution - To record Visit Execution, a sales representative could Check-in and out basis geo-coordinates.
  4. Colour coding on the calendar is done to identify holidays, weekends, adhoc and regular visits.
  5. Expense Management - Now each sales representative, basis the visits completed and route plan followed, can add the bills of expenses and submit for approval to the respective manager.
  6. Market Intelligence Capturing – Sales representatives have the ability to fill online market intelligence recording form as they do the visits at Dealers or Customer locations. Information such as what competitors are selling, at what price, schemes etc.
  7. Dashboards/Reports – Hierarchy/Persona based reports covering the market intelligence and other crucial parameters relevant to the field sales team.
Solutions Built

Online Order

  1. Ability to Create & Update Orders.
  2. Due to integration with SAP & Navision ERPs, the orders are punched into the ERPs.
  3. Both Sales Representatives and Dealers can visualize their Credit Limit and Exposure status real-time, enabling timely payments and swift orders and dispatches.
  4. The integration between Salesforce and ERP system again enables Realtime updates of Pricing, Discounts & Taxes.
  5. In addition to SKU based tracking, a sales representative and dealers can now view Product Image against each SKU to be doubly sure of the product to be ordered.
  6. Real-time integration with ERP further allows the Stock/Inventory Visibility at the factory or warehouse.
  7. Further, the users have the ability to generate Credit/Debit Note/Invoices pdf and other such relevant documents of transactions.


Quick & Easy Dealer Onboarding
  1. End to end process tracking with timely and hierarchy based approvals
  2. Effortless e-KYC process
Efficient Sales Operations
  1. System Generated Beat Planning & Execution
  2. mproved Tracking of Market Intelligence
  3. Competitor information such as products sold, its prices and relevant quantity
  4. Online Expense Management
Improved Dealer Management
  1. With Dealer Management System [DMS] built in conjunction to these features for Sales Representatives, the Dealer Management has become very easy and efficient
  2. Please refer the DMS case study to learn more about the solution
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