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Doc GenX is our comprehensive document generation solution integrated within Salesforce Org. With features like Document Composer, eSign, and auto-triggering, ensure efficient creation, tracking, and authentication of documents for smooth operations and compliance.



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Field Mapping

Users can upload their Word files with the written information and the data is extracted from the document. Data is converted into actual data and filled in their respective fields which can be edited and viewed in the Salesforce Panel.

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Automate document signing with targeted triggers, incorporating both customer and sales wrap signatures. Track document status and ensure legality with government-authorized signatures, improved processes with stamping for better efficiency.

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Document Templates

The Document Template is available for all objects, offers a downloadable PDF format in which a User can features a comprehensive summary of products, agreement for sale, alongside signature fields ensuring clarity and legality in agreements.

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E-Mail Process

Users can send emails with PDF attachments to the customers. Customers can accept or reject agreements. Users receive notifications when emails are opened. Accepted agreements trigger confirmation emails for users.

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Histroy Tracking

Users can monitor email views to determine customer engagement, ensuring awareness of communication status.

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Envelope Report

The Envelope Report displays email categories: Generated, Sent to Customer, Viewed, Accepted, and Rejected, providing a comprehensive overview of communication progress for effective tracking and analysis.

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Notification System

Users receive alerts upon email acceptance status. Utilizing a platform event, users can gain insights into what customers are doing. This allows users to take actions accordingly.

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Merge Fields & Keywords

Easily insert fields into documents for convenience by Merge Fields. Utilize Add Keywords to dynamically add or remove features (like signatures, current dates etc.), easing document customization and flexibility.

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