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Loan Origination System (LOS)

The Loan Origination System (LOS) automates loan processing from lead capture to disbursement, integrating with omnichannel lead capturing, automated allocation, and dynamic application creation. It evaluates eligibility using CIBIL, and Bureau reports, and simplifies compliance with eKYC and eSignature integration, expediting approvals.



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Omni Channel Lead Sourcing

Omni-channel lead sourcing for LOS gathers leads from diverse sources, optimizing lead management. It enables efficient customer acquisition for loan origination by integrating multiple channels such as online forms, referrals, and marketing campaign

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Automated Lead Allocation

After Omnichannel sourcing, our Automated Lead Allocation system swiftly distributes leads based on predetermined criteria. This enhances workflow efficiency, ensures rapid follow-up, and optimizes leads allocation

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Automated Application Generation

Following lead allocation, our system seamlessly generates loan applications automatically. Leveraging predefined parameters and customer data, this process ensures swift and accurate application creation.

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Loan Eligibility Evaluation

Our system automates loan eligibility assessments using CIBIL, Bureau data, and Fuzzy Logic. It integrates multiple APIs for De-Duplication, ensuring accurate decision-making and optimizing loan origination efficiency.

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Underwriting Dashboard

The Underwriting Dashboard offers a centralized hub for underwriters to efficiently review and assess loan applications, streamlining decision-making and enhancing loan origination processes.

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eKYC Setup

Our E-KYC setup, featuring Equifax and other providers, facilitates seamless identity verification, ensuring regulatory compliance, enhancing security, and expediting the application process for greater efficiency and customer confidence.

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Automatic Loan Doc Generation

Automated loan document generation simplifies paperwork by creating necessary documents based on approved applications. It reduces manual effort, ensures consistency, and expedites the loan origination process efficiently.

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eSign Setup

The eSign setup streamlines the signing process by integrating with platforms like DocuSign, enabling electronic signatures. This ensures compliance, expedites document processing, and enhances convenience for both lenders and borrowers.

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Automated Disbursement

Automated application push for disbursement facilitates the transfer of approved applications for loan disbursal, minimizing processing time and ensuring efficient and timely delivery of funds to customers.

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Alert Notifications

Email/SMS Alerts/Triggers setup notifies customers of application status and payment reminders, enhancing communication. It ensures timely updates, improving customer engagement and facilitating efficient loan management.

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