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WhatsApp Integrator

Our WhatsApp Integration makes the interaction between the Company’s Sales and Support team and Customers very efficient. It incorporates all aspects related to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), from customizable message prompts to Dashboards for Leads and Analysis, inquiry management, and more.



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Customized Prompts

WhatsApp Integration allows Customer Support team to send Customized automated prompts to Customers for their “Hi” and “Hello” prompt and then, Company can send customized options (which they can select from our template) to Customers.

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WhatsApp Conversation

Customers can send text messages, Images and Documents to Support team for smooth conversation, and it also helps to better understand customer’s query and provide quick and accurate solutions.

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Order Placement

Order placement becomes frictionless with our automated and customizable prompts for Placement of Order. Customers can select from various options given by the Sales Team, this will also make a great customer experience.

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Order Status

Customers can check their order status using our Check Order Status prompt. It shares all the details related to the order status from whether the Order is dispatched from Warehouse or not, it can also show ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) for their resp

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Inquiry Management

Customers can raise their queries by choosing our Make an Inquiry Prompt, in this way Customer’s Query can be recorded and resolved seamlessly. This is also available in our automated message prompt. They can also connect further with the Company’s E

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Leads Generation

Leads Centre shows all the Leads from WhatsApp Integration, and you can assign specific Sales Executive for specific Leads to increase the rate of conversion. Sales Executive can Accept or Decline from the Dashboard whether to pursue or not.

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WhatsApp Analysis Dashboard

Sales Team can see all the analytics of our leads like Numbers of Messages and top customers who have sent messages, it has an option to select the number of days from starting date to end date. It also shows Bar Graph for monthly users.

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Connect to Company's Executive

WhatsApp Integration offers an automated or customized prompt to connect with customer executives. Customers can get their critical and urgent queries resolved quickly and precisely in this way.

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