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Influencer Management

Influencer management is a solution to manage influencers (who drive sales for the OEMs by influencing), it provides a rewarding system for influencers who helped to increase sales for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This strategic approach cultivates brand advocacy, enhances visibility, and boosts revenue through impactful influencer collaborations.



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Secured Login

Enhance security with one-time password authentication. Protect user accounts and sensitive data through an added layer of verification for secure access.

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Home Page

The homepage offers quick access to all order transactions, a redemption catalog, and a 'view more' option to explore schemes further. Simplify navigation and access essential features with ease.

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Empower influencers to share personal details, complete KYC, and add bank information securely. Streamline account management and ensure compliance with user-friendly profile features.

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Wallet and Retailers

Influencers can conveniently monitor their earned coins, expired coins, and accumulated points within their wallets. Moreover, they have access to a map feature for effortless location tracking of nearby retailers, enhancing their overall experience.

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Schemes, GST and Referrals

Conveniently manage schemes for influencers, GST details, and referrals in one place for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Implementation Services

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