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V-Commerce Cloud (B2B-B2C)

V-Commerce Cloud (B2B & B2C) offers the ultimate virtual shopping solution for both B2B and B2C. With cloud flexibility and advanced features like categorized browsing and live video assistance, it ensures seamless shopping. Simplify your e-commerce journey with V-Commerce Cloud's comprehensive suite of tools for effortless browsing and efficient management.



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Organize products into categories for easy browsing while simplifying navigation and enhancing user experience by grouping similar items, enabling efficient exploration and selection.

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Live Video Assistant

Engage with a live video assistant on V-Commerce for personalized shopping guidance. Receive real-time assistance and recommendations while exploring products, enhancing your online shopping experience.

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Campaign Management

Efficiently manage marketing campaigns to promote products. Control and track campaigns seamlessly, ensuring effective promotion and engagement with customers to drive sales and brand visibility.

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Schedule Meetings

Arrange meetings and coordinate schedules for consultations or demos, ensuring convenience and efficiency in setting up appointments with clients or team members.

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Product Video

Product videos are displayed on the add-to-cart screen, enriching the shopping experience. Customers can preview products in action before purchasing, ensuring informed buying decisions and enhancing overall satisfaction.

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Inventory Tracking and Visibility

Track inventory and monitor stock levels in real-time, with visibility and accurate insights into product availability for streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.

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Shipping and Billing

Efficiently manage shipping and billing for accurate transactions and timely delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction with effective handling of orders from start to finish.

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Payment and Discount Management

Managing payments and discounts is easy with simplified payment processes and applying discounts, enhancing customer experience, and maximizing sales opportunities.

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Order Management

Efficiently manage orders from placement to delivery, ensuring accuracy and timely processing to satisfy customer needs and expectations effectively.

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Return Management

The process of managing returns is made effortless with V-Commerce Cloud, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for customers while maintaining smooth operations.

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